For more than 30 years, biopolymers have been at the center of SYMATESE’s expertise.

In many medical fields, polymers of natural origin are the “gold-standard” for the design of customized medical solutions and biomaterials. Every medical field can benefit from biopolymers.

SYMATESE is specialized in the transformation of the following biopolymers into efficient, innovative medical devices:

  • Collagens,
  • Hyaluronic acid,
  • Alginate or alginic salts,
  • Cellulose,
  • Chitosan,
  • Ultra-pure Gelatin ,
  • Agarose,
  • Other glycosaminoglycans and Polysaccharides.

SYMATESE has a fully mastered organisation: from collagen extraction to purification.
SYMATESE has a full portfolio of medical grade collagen raw material, from different types of different origins.

Renowned for the quality and the mastering of its technologies by partners such as l‘Oréal, Galderma, SYMATESE GROUP decided to enter the medical and surgical aesthetics market because its new product lines coming from many years of research, exhibit a security and performance still not achieved.

SYMATESE GROUP establishes its new activity on the global plan through its subsidiaries SYMATESE AESTHETICS, SYMATESE LATAM AND SYMATESE SHANGHAI

SYMATESE DEVICE provides healthcare companies with its experience and know-how in the design, industrialization and manufacture of specialized medical devices.

Thanks to its design and production expertise, SYMATESE DEVICE successfully completes every phase of your product development, from concept to product launch: design, prototyping, industrialization, manufacturing, assembling, packaging, sterilization and registration.

With conform facilities capable of producing the requisite volumes (from clinical to commercial production), our partners are assured of the delivery of a conform product.

Our project management system guarantees industrial services that meet international regulatory standards (ISO 13485 and QSR – 21 CFR part 820).

By way of example, SYMATESE DEVICE has expertise in the development of delivery systems (injection systems for viscous products, implant injectors, auto-injectors, high-tech syringes etc.), reconstitution and transfer sets (solid/liquid and liquid/liquid) and other specialized medical devices (syringe components, diagnostic devices, biopsy needle guides etc.).

SYMATESE SHANGHAI operates in China, registers and markets products developed by SYMATESE GROUP.

CORMOVE, sister company of SYMATESE GROUP focusing on the development of a Percutaneous aortic valve for minimally invasive approach.