For pharmaceutical companies, we developed the following products:
delivery systems, high tech syringes, sets, customized collagens, emergency devices, diagnostic devices, needle guides.


  • The following products illustrate consumables developed in our organization:
    IOL injectors, cartridges for cataract treatment, coating solutions for vascular prostheses, hemostatic sponges, rectal applicator
  • The following products illustrate implantable devices developed in our organization:
    dermal fillers, dermal regeneration substrats, bone substitutes, valve delivery system in interventional cardiology

Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine

Renowned by leading companies for the quality and the mastering of its technologies, SYMATESE GROUP has developed many products like dermal fillers for facial rejuvenation or dermal regeneration template. SYMATESE GROUP through its subsidiary SYMATESE AESTHETICS has decided to enter the market and also propose newly designed breast implants based on its unique SILICONE TRANSFORMATION & TECHNOLOGY.

BtoB activities


SYMATESE GROUP works with companies wishing to develop their own health care products benefiting from our technology platform and expertise for more than 30 years experience.

  • Companies can subcontract to SYMATESE or SYMATESE DEVICE the design and/or production of finished or semi-finished medical devices. Partners will enjoy our technical and regulatory support and the collaboration will be handled through a tailor made agreement that will be adapted to the specific situation and needs of the customer.
  • Our policy is to manufacture the products developed for our clients.
  • Projects are handled and coordinated internally by a project leader who works with a team members from the different services involved.
  • Our companies are accredited as private research organization by the French ministry of higher education and scientific research.