Examples of Products

SYMATESE GROUP activities consist in the design, industrialization and manufacturing of medical devices as well as components of medical devices, specifically designed for the Medtech and Pharmaceutical areas and Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine.

The following products illustrate few specific products developed in our organization

Facial Rejuvenation

Plastic syringes utilized in injectable dermal fillers

Facial Rejuvenation

Injectable dermal fillers based on our hyaluronic acid technology

Orthopedics, traumatology

COLLAPAT II is a bone substitute biomaterial based on collagen and hydroxyapatite.


Hemotese is a haemostatic freese-dried collagen resorbable from calf hide.

IOL Injection systems and cartridges

Cataract treatment ophtalmology

Collagen Matrices

In Vitro skin reconstruction

Partnership with L’Oréal

Dermal regeneration


Bi-layer dermal regeneration matrix, collagen + silicone

Interventional cardiology
Valve delivery system
Interventional cardiology for


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