For more than 30 years SYMATESE GROUP has designed, produced and marketed medical devices according its know-how particularly in the field of biopolymers and silicone transformation, plastic injection with a focus on the medical and surgical aesthetics market and the ophtalmology markets.

With its BtoB activity SYMATESE GROUP provides its experience and expertise for the design and manufacturing of medical devices to medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies.

Our Medical devices are designed and produced according to international quality and regulatory requirements to allow for a worldwide market access.

SYMATESE GROUP is recognized for the quality of its products, its innovation capacity, competencies and employee’s expertise. The renewed confidence of its partners, leader in their respective domains, associated with the performances of its products, place SYMATESE GROUP in a leadership position on various markets.

SYMATESE GROUP is engaged in the research and production of innovative medical devices designed to improve the quality of life of patients throughout the world.

Our products, derived from technologies for biopolymers extraction and transformation, silicone processing and plastic injection, are intended regarding the fields of aesthetic surgery, aesthetic dermatology, ophthalmology, vascular and visceral surgery, orthopedic surgery, burns and dermal reconstruction and other medical indications.

SYMATESE GROUP has also been specialized for many years in the development of cell culture support, in particular for in vitro skin reconstruction.

As part of its Business to Business activity, SYMATESE GROUP puts its technologies at the service of the medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.

Our commitment to continuous product improvement is made possible thanks to the great stability of our teams and our resources, which are strengthening from year to year. This is how we wish to participate in medical progress.

The main strength of SYMATESE GROUP lies in the personal commitment and competence of its employees who share the essential values of ethics, deontology, innovation, anticipation and responsiveness.

We work in a spirit of scientific, medical and financial outcomes in order to pursue and increase the development of the company for the benefit of potential patients that we all are.

Jean-Paul Gérardin – CEO

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Biopolymer Transformation for Medical & Cosmetic Use

Biopolymer Extraction and Transformation

Medical Devices for Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine

  • SYMATESE AESTHETICS ltd: Manufacturing Plant
  • SYMATESE LATAM*: Latam distribution subsidiary

*LATAM=Latin America

Design Industrialization of Delivery Systems for Medical Application
Asian Distribution Subsidiary


SYMATESE GROUP companies design, manufacture and market medical devices for medical and cosmetic applications.

Our aim on daily basis is to guarantee a safe, high quality product meeting regulatory and legal requirements to patients.

Each day, we are mobilised to advance towards excellence by respecting the following commitments:

  • Placing the patient at the centre of all our activities at Symatese: by aiming at satisfying patient expectations and demands, each member of the enterprise is invested in his work and gives the best of himself.
  • Obtaining the required quality level for our medical devices and services and putting in place a Quality System which answers the international quality and regulatory requirements.
  • Define quality objectives, regularly evaluate the efficacy of the Quality System and optimise our effort for continuous improvement.
  • Adapt the Quality System to national and international regulatory evolutions regarding medical devices.
  • Implement our Quality policy and uphold our commitments: we have human, industrial and financial resources adapted to the objectives described in our quality plan and more broadly in our Business plan.

Missions and values

Our vision: Improve patient health and quality of life

Our mission: offer patients, healthcare professionals, and medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies, innovative products from our technology platforms, for the worldwide market

Our values:

  • Ethics,
  • Responsability,
  • Result oriented,
  • Team spirit,
  • Anticipation,
  • Reactivity

Our competencies and know how:

  • Extraction, transformation and shaping of biopolymers
  • Transformation and shaping of silicon
  • Injection molding of thermoplastics
  • Design and production of medical devices in conformity to international quality and regulatory requirements, thanks to a continuous improvement Policy and optimized time to market

Our goal: To develop SYMATESE GROUP thanks to the synergy of its subsidiaries, and being recognized for:

  • Our innovation capacity
  • Quality of our services
  • Competency of our employees

Quality and Regulatory

Symatese group is commited to the conception and production of innovative medical devices destined to improve the health and quality of life of patients. SYMATESE GROUP has thus chosen to put the patient at the heart of its Quality policy.

SYMATESE GROUP has put in place effective and successful Quality Management Systems (QMS) in all its subsidiaries. Through a continuous improvement approach, these systems allow the conception and production of our medical devices in accordance with international regulatory standards and guarantee high quality and secure products to our patients.

These QMS express the values of the group and ensure the deployment of a strategy around major axes which are:

Our capacity for innovation and our reactivity

The quality of our products

The competence of our collaborators

The satisfaction of our patients and/or clients

SYMATESE GROUP works with scientific, medical and financial results in mind in order to progress and increase its development for the benefit of potential patients which we all represent.

GMP (Quality System Regulation CFR820) and european directive MDD93/42 are the regulatory base of the quality management system  of SYMATESE GROUP Companies.

All of our products are CE Labelled